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A Calligram – how it’s made…

December 2018 – You can see at the time-laps above, how I have made the image of Mister Einstein. For creating him, I decided not to write thousants of times ‘Einstein’, but only his formula E=mc2 (energy, mass, light speed). First I made a light sketch, and after that I started with the most important part: the eyes. If they are wrong, the whole picture will be wrong.

While writing, I am counting the times I write the formula. Every now and then I write a subtotal in a corner on the backside, and start writing and counting again. At the end, when I was finished, I counted all numbers (on the backside) together, and wrote the total on front, below the drawing. Because of that, every image I make, is unique. None of my drawnings has the same total number! It took a lot of hours, but this is Mr. Einstein.


Buenas Tardes Canarias’ in my studio

May 2018 – A television crew saw the results  of my work in the Italian restaurant. They wanted a short interview for the program ‘Buenos Dias Canarias’ . This program is life, something that made me nervous about the questions that will be asked, in rapid Spanish. You cannot start over again in case of searching for words. It gives me a little bit pressure!


Firmly packed – on its way to a special place!

 Work Mirjam Polman

May 2018 – While I was in San Sebastian on a special market day, someone talked to me, about the images I make with words (so called Calligram). The images that I make especially for the art market are ideal in size for the visitors and tourists: 20×30 cm and 23 x 23 cm. The man I spoke with, asked if I also have work in bigger sizes, and if I like an exhibition in his restaurant. Yes and yes…! And so it happened. Work was sorted out and packed securely, ready for transport. I am very honored and satisfied with the result!


Canarias Hoy wants to know more about my Calligram-images

April 2018 – Patricia, the friendly reporter of the Canarias Broadcast, visited me long time ago. At that time she wanted to know more about my visual art, which I make with seaglass and driftwood. Recently we spoke to one of the art markets and saw my Calligram work. She wanted to make an item for the daily program ‘Canarias Hoy’.


How is ….

March 2018 – In Spain a special day has been created for the (art)craftsmen (called Artesano). It’s a day of honor and respect for their unique work, their independence and – for the traditional craftsman – the decades of work, from generation to generation, sold and showed on special markets. Especially on the day of Artesano, many craftsmen are interviewed for radio and television. Patricia, the nice and enthousiastic reporter of RTV Canarias wants to know how I am doing, and how my integration is going on the island.


Seaglass and driftwood – a keepsake

Februari 2017 – The first pieces on the artmarket, were made of sea glass and driftwood, found on the various beaches. The final result was for sale for for the tourist: a cute framed memory of a wonderful holiday on a small island in the big ocean. Canarias Hoy made an overview of these small decorations and how its made.

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