Do you sell prints or special limited editions of your work?

No, I am only selling original work. My paintings have my initials and year on the front, and on the back my full name and date on which I made it. My Calligram-work has – just like my paintings – my initials on the front. At the back, on the right top is my name, a short text and the date I made it. In addition, the unique count can be seen on the back of every Calligram. I make this while working on the calligram. On this basis you always know that you are dealing with unique work.


What paper do you use?

* If I use paper – I mention this in the description of my work – I always use acid-free paper. This means that the paper does not turn yellow over years. I like to work with high quality paper of the Italian brand ‘Fabriano‘ and with the French brand ‘Canson‘. If I work with other material, I always mention this in the description.


What is your Shipping Policy?

* My work is ordered worldwide, so I send it worldwide!

Prices are mentioned at the individual works.
Once the work is finished, I will let you know by email or whats app.
Your order will be sent with track & trace. The arrival time depends on the transport company and will be 7 – 10 working days.

Because I work with track & trace, it is easy to follow where your package is!

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