My Studio


My home is My Castle

My home is my castle! But it’s also true that my studio is my castle.

For me no traveltime or traffic jam, nor frozen car windows in winter. No, my studio is reachable in just 5 steps, it’s in the back of our house. I have spacious place with a big handmade table, very comfortable and with different places to work. Because of that, I be here more than only the working hours. The place itself gives me inspiration and new ideas.

The studio has bright lights, a window with a view ( suppose, I have a boring moment..) and a lot of shelves to store my work, stock and supplies. One of the things I make on the table are the Calligram-images, because they need a steady surface. If I want to work on bigger, or three-dimensional work, I have enough space around. I put the radio or some music on, and work can start!

Working with daylight

This part of the island is notorious for the wind that always blows. On days when there’s less wind, I like to paint outside, in the most beautiful light there is: daylight. Really, nothing compares to daylight!

At the frontside of our house is space enough for my easel and it’s a pleasure to work there even when it takes some time to put everything there! It is a quiet place with clear and ‘cool’ daylight from the north and in the shelter of a Ficus Benjamina at the opposite of our garden. It is a big tree where lots of little birds find their home and sing their song. I love it!

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