About me

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My own style

With decades of practice, I have developed my own style.
In my childhood I discovered how to work with all kinds of materials like paint, aquarel, pencils, clay paper and glue.

It was for me learning without any restriction or rules and without practiced or being told by teachers. Curiosity was my motive!
With trial and error, I learned everything about the possibilities and limits of materials. It was for me the best way to discover my talents! I like to paint, or to create something with unusual things, just for fun.

By trying, retry and finetuning, my style of art has become as it is now.

Since 2013, I work and live on one of the smallest islands of the Canary archipel. The blue ocean, the rough nature and beautiful colors of the small villages are fascinating! It has a magical effect on making art.


Artisano of the Canary Islands

Two years after setteling, I passed my exam as Artisan of the Canary Islands. I expanded my work bij making walldecorations, based on this relative unknown technique Calligram. I sell them on special art-markets on several places on the island, organized by the government. In time, Art Gallery Luna, became interested by selling my work and sells bigger pieces of my calligram art. Look at where to buy  for more information about markets, adresses, and opening hours of the Art Gallery.


Only original art

I am only selling original art.  Every image I make is provided with a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. This certificate is guaranteed by the government of the Canary Islands and has its own unique number.

No copy’s. No ‘limited editions’. Pure, handmade with love!

More information about the ordering-proces, way of sending and the meaning of the certification?
Take a look at my FAQ-page. Didn’t find the answere? Don’t hesitate to send me an email.