Frequent Asked Questions.....

Answers to the most asked questions

Do you sell prints, or special limited editions of your work? FAQ, certificate, sending, pollicy, payments, shipments, VISA, questions, asked, information, paper, framed

No, I am only selling original work. My Calligrams has my initials on the front. At the back is more information like date and amount, that makes sure that it’s an original Calligram. With this data, you always know that you are dealing with unique work.

No copy’s. No limited editions. Pure, original and handmade with love!


You send every image with a certificate. What does that mean?

* Every image I make is provided with a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. This certificate is guaranteed by the government of the Canary Islands and has its own unique number.


What paper do you use?

* I use acid-free paper. This means that the paper does not turn yellow over years. I like to work with high quality paper of the Italian brand ‘Fabriano‘ and the French brand ‘Canson‘. If I work with other material, I always mention this in the description of the calligram.


What is the procedure if I order a calligram?

* First, choose your favorite. By clicking on ‘Buy’, you will be redirected to a protected page to pay your order. It is a secured page with various payment options. After your payment, you receive an email from me, with the question to send me your address.

I will keep you informed of the process via email – and sometimes via Whats App. I will let you know when the package is ready for shipment, the date on which it was sent, and you will receive the Track & Trace code from me.


I would like to have a personalized calligram. Is that possible?

* Making a personalized calligram is for me the icing on the cake! For example an image of your pet, made with his own name. Or something of your hobby, for example ballet shoes. Or your zodiac sign made with your name…. Tell me your idea!

But I can also make special Calligrams for a wedding, anniversary or a newborn.


What is the process if I order a personalized calligram?

* First, contact me by mail. Tell me your wishes, I will tell you the options. Sometimes it’s necessary to send me explicit images, I will let you know by mail. When everything has been clearly, I will keep in touch by Whats App, and send you updates about the proces of your order.


What are the payment options?

* Each calligram on my website has its own unique payment link. This will redirect you to a special, secure payment page. You can pay with Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Apple Pay, Sofort Banking and SEPA. As soon as the payment has been credited to my account, I send you a message.


What is your Shipping Policy?

Your Calligram will be send with track & trace. With Trach & Trace it is easy to check where your order is. After I have delivered the package to the post office, I will send you the special code by mail.

The arrival time depends on the transport company and will be normally 7 – 10 working days.