Frequent Asked Questions.....
Do you sell prints, or special limited editions of your work? FAQ, certificate, sending, pollicy, payments, shipments, VISA, questions, asked, information, paper, framed

* No, we are only selling original and unique work. 

No copy’s. No limited editions. Pure, original and handmade with love!


I want a personalized gift what information do you need?

* Contact me by mail. Tell me your wishes, I will tell you the options.


How long will it take before my order is ready for sending?

* It needs time to make a personalized order. Because of that, we will inform you by email how long it will take before your order is ready. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting list.


Can you tell me more about your Shipping Policy?

* Your Calligram will be send with track & trace. With Trach & Trace it is easy to check where your order is. After I have delivered the package to the post office, I will send you the special code by mail.

The arrival time depends on the transport company, but will be normally 7 – 10 working days.