My Studio

The space where I work and create..
My home is my castle…

My studio is reachable in just 5 steps: it’s in the backside of our house. No extra time for travel, no traffic jam or frozen car windows!

It is a big place with a handmade thick and solid table in the middle. With a lenght of more then 2,5 meter, this table is very comfortable and spacious, and has several places to work on. If I want to work on several items, I have enough space on the table, but also around it.

Living and working on an island means looking ahead more then usual. Almost all my materials have to be ordered and delivered from overseas. Therefore, a large stock is important. The basics, and the more specialized materials… I don’t want to think about having a shortage of it! It is better for my creativity, when I don’t have to think about that. And, to be honest, it looks beautiful when I see the stacks of different types of pape,r and all colors pens, paints and pencils. Because of that, on the walls of my studio are a lot of shelves to store. Space for finished work, stock and all materials and supplies.

The studio has a window on the south. It’s a window ‘with a view’: I can overlook a valley where buzzards, hoopoes and doves live. The valley has a lot of succulents and palmtrees and a handfull caracteristic Canary houses. I am very happy with all of it: this is for me my ultimate place to make my art. I spend more time there, than just working, because the place itself gives me inspiration and ideas!

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