My Studio

The space where I work and create..

My home is My Castle

It is a saying ‘My home is my castle’… But for me also my studio is my castle… I love it to be there, work, process and think about my Calligram-work.

For me no traveltime, horrible traffic jam, or frozen car windows in winter. No, my studio is reachable in just 5 steps: it’s in the backside of our house. I have a spacious studio with a big handmade table – very comfortable and with several places to work. If I want to work on bigger items, I have enough space on the table and around. I put some music on, and work can start! Because of that, I spend more time in my studio than just working…. The place itself gives me inspiration and ideas!

On the walls of my studio are a lot of shelves to store my work, stock and supplies. The studio has a window with a view, I can overlook a valley with succulents and colorful Canary houses – a beautiful scenery. I am very happy with it, this is my place to make my art.

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