My work – art by writing words

My work, My style.

My work is creating an image, by writing a name or a word over and over again.

Sometimes I write the name, like Willem van Oranje (see below). I wrote his name 6119 times. It was a big project for the Rijksmuseum Contest of 2020.

For other work, I wrote the general name of the animal to create a calligram.
l wrote cebra (Spanish for zebra) or zopilote (Spanish for Buzzard) to create these animals. But it is also possible to write their ‘given-by-the-owner’ name, for example the two donkeys. I wrote the names “Balthasar” and “Balduin” to create this double portrait of two Swiss donkeys.

The baby- and newborn calligrams are classic. Two baby feet that only consists the name of the newborn. Handwritten mainly in black, but combined with details in pink or blue. Many grandparents order this classic one! Also the weddinghearts are in a classic-style, in red and black and numerous times written the names of the lovers.

Take a look at the photos of my work below, but you can also take a look a the videos I have published about the making of a calligram. So, get inspired and order yourself a handmade and personalized calligram!


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