Family Tree

Every family has a story. What’s Yours?

A family tree shows what your family, including all ancestors, nieces and nephews, looks like.
But you can also choose a smaller family tree where you only show your own family: father, mother and your children.

A family tree is timeless, priceless and a joy to look at!

Look at all the photos and details and get inspired!

How will your family tree look like? Big?
Or just a small one? Together with your ideas I will make the shape and size of your personal family tree. Made by writing the names of all the family members over and over again.

A family tree is a personal choice and takes time to make, because all is handwritten. The amount of familymembers, the model of the tree and finalized size, are important to calculate a reasonable price.

Feel free to contact me for more information.
I can guide and advice you in the proces where I create a beautiful and handmade family tree.

General details:

* Handmade with lightproof pigment ink
* Acid free 350 g/m² high quality paper
* Certificate of authenticity and uniqueness, guaranteed by the government of the Canary Islands

At the page FAQ you can read more information about  the guaranteed certificate, ordering, sending and payments.

You can see more about my work at the page ‘the making of’ …..


Family Tree | Handwritten words | Calligram | Unique & Personalized | Certificated

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* Lightproof pigment ink
* Chlorine and acid free paper
* Certificate of authenticity and uniquenes

I will stay in contact about the delivery time