Calligram Art

What is a calligram? Read more about it!

A calligram is written text, arranged in such a way that it forms a thematically related image.

When I am making a calligram, I write most of times names. If you look at the Giraffe, I only wrote Jirafa (Spanish for Giraffe) to make the Giraffe as it is. While making the Butterfly, I wrote the word Mariposa (Spanish for Butterfly) numerous times to create this charming little animal. Sometimes I write a poem, or a phrase. Almost everything is possible – even a portrait of your own dog or cat. You can see a lot of work I made, on my portfolio-page.

When creating the wedding hearts, I write the names in red and black, each heart consists a name, written numerous times. In the babyfeet|birthday calligram I write the name in black, combined with blue (for a boy) or pink (for a girl) to make the sweet calligram complete.

Every calligram I make is approved with a certificate from the government of the Canary Islands.


Look below for more explanation, made in small broadcasts.
These broadcasts are made by BTC, Canarias Hoy and the making of Einstein and the giraffe are made in-house. If you want to see more, find me on YouTube.

Do you prefer an image I’ve already made? Please take a look in my online shop, visit Galeria ‘La Luna’ in San Sebastian or meet me on one of the markets on the Canary islands.

More information about the certification, how to order and pay? Take a look at my FAQ-page.
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