Hello, and welcome on the website of BazArt!

Here you find more info about the owners of BazArt, their products and how it starts….


Mirjam loves to work minimalistic and “on the square centimeter” by writing small words to create astonishing art.

Started in 2015 with the minimalistic sea glass items called Beach-Art on a small market. It became a success with returning customers and her work reached serveral markets untill now.

Nowadays she works less with sea glass, in little moments she makes sweet watercolor paintings or works with unusual material to create wonderful items. With an eye for detail she creates fine and elegant art. Her work is characterized by the fine and elegant appearance.


Ewold is the “woodman” of the couple. Loves the pureness and honesty of the material, with a result that always has its own indentity. He likes to make rings and bracelets by combining different materials and colors of wood.

Since 2021 he started to make beautiful tungsten rings with an inlay of opal or olivine. Olivine is a mineral, which can be found on the island and has a stylish bright green color. All rings and bracelets are silky smooth finished and a pleasure to wear every day! (be patient, a detailed page with these items will be created!)

Besides making rings and bracelets, he makes the well-known Beach-Art items with sea glass.


They live on one of the smallest Canary Islands, La Gomera. The surrounding ocean, the rough nature and the beautiful colors of the painted houses are inspiring and has a special influence on their work. Only selling original art, made with a lot of love and attention.

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