Calligram Art

What is a calligram? Read more about it!
Calligram Art

“A calligram is text arranged in such a way that it forms a thematically related image.
It can be a poem, a phrase, or a single word.”  Source: Wikipedia

When I’m making a calligram, I write hundreds of times words, a text or a name, to form and create an image. I write them timy, but still readable!
Most of times I write names. For example when I make an animal, I write the word of the animal (zebra, butterfly, colibri….) numerous times to create it.

Look how I made the wedding hearts, I wrote the names in red and black, each heart consists a name, written numerous times. In the black heart the name of ‘him’ and in the red heart the name of ‘her’. Another example to show you are the tiny baby feet. I write the name in black and blue (for a boy) or pink (for a girl) to make the sweet calligram complete.
It’s a gift for life!

So, writing a name, a poem, or a phrase in a special form or image, I create a calligram.

Personalized art ♥ especially created for you ♥
Imagine, when I write your name, a special poem or phrase to create an image….
Or I use a photo of your favorite animal or your pet and make a calligram with a special word or text.

Thát is personalized and unique art!

Need ideas? You will find them on my portfoliopage or my online shops on the right side of this page.
Also the small videos will inspire you for unique ideas for your personalized art.

writing words to make a calligram